Nacobre® is a 100% Mexican company dedicated to the manufacture, commercialization and distribution of copper alloy products with a presence in 39 countries, satisfying the demand of the national and international markets.


Since 1996 we have been manufacturers of fiber cement sheets, tiles and panels. We are proud to be a 100% Mexican company with more than 60 years of experience in the construction industry. Our product line is made up of fiber cement roofing, plastic sheets and thermal systems. We are the first company in Latin America to manufacture fiber cement products, which is a mixture of silica, additives, natural fibers and Portland cement.


With 56 years in the construction industry, Plycem is a leading brand in the region, dedicated to the manufacture of fiber cement products to meet the building needs of the residential and commercial segment. A pioneer company in Central America to promote the innovative construction system with Steel Framing and Plycem fiber cement, recognized for its high commitment to sustainable construction.

Eternit Colombiana

For more than half a century, Eternit has been present during the accelerated urbanization of Colombia, through products that have provided construction solutions to millions of citizens and homes throughout the country. Thanks to its constant innovation in processes and materials, Eternit has established itself as a company in constant evolution, to become an ally that provides simple, efficient and technological solutions; creating green and sustainable products always focused on inspiring our customers with all the knowledge of the sector. Eternit, construction in evolution.

Eternit Ecuatoriana

Ecuador’s leading fiber cement roofing company, manufacturing and marketing products that meet national and international quality standards. We are part of the United Nations Global Compact, ratifying its commitment to environmental and social responsibility through continous improvement processes. We are evolution!


A company with more than 50 years of experience manufacturing light-weight plastic materials, insulation, decoration, laminate and industrial thermoforming for the construction and industrial industries. Our raw material is mainly made up of various plastics such as EPS, PS, PP and PE. We have 2 divisions: "extrusion" and "extraction", which provide solutions to the food, automotive, advertising, construction, agricultural industries, etc. As good stewards of the environment, we also employ plastic recycling processes, giving a second chance to various materials.


Founded in the USA in 2014, but with more than 75-years of fiber cement manufacturing heritage, Allura is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fiber cement siding and trim products. We supply distributors and dealers with high-quality lap siding, panel, trim boards, soffit, and panelized shake products resistant to moisture, termites, and that are Class-A fire rated. You can’t buy a better fiber cement or choose a more superior siding material. It is also our mission to outperform the competition by Making the Material Difference to our employee’s lives, our customer’s businesses, and our end user’s homes.


Since 1970, we are a Mexican company dedicated to manufacturing cement products that satisfy the most demanding needs for water conduction and construction processes. We are committed to the quality of our products, ensuring the performance of pipe systems. COMECOP guarantees the durability of its product line under the most demanding conditions in all projects. Our cement reinforced pipes are distinguished by their excellent performance against combined loads and resistance to various chemicals, and are the best option in the industry.


Fibraforte is a leading Peruvian company manufacturing and distributiing roof coverings, tanks and flat panels. Since its inception in 1993, its goal is to provide the construction market with innovative solutions that contain significant advantages and help contribute to the sustainable development of Peru, and doing so by a solid national distribution network. At Fibraforte, we make good things last.


Duralit began operations in 1977 in the city of Cochabamba with the vision of offering construction materials to improve Bolivia's quality of life. As pioneers in the fiber cement industry in Bolivia, we are an institutional benchmark in the region and the country due to our remarkable growth as a company, ongoing technological innovation, and compliance with applicable standards and laws. We proved our ability to adapt to the ever-changing environment and needs of the Bolivian market, evolving over the past years into a company that provides comprehensive construction solutions, while broadening our product portfolio, providing technical advisory services, and spearheading the development of new construction systems that are changing the sector at a global scale. We have one of the most modern industrial facilities in the industry and a distribution network with more than 200 sale points throughout the country.